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Learn more about M-Tunes

To sign up for M-Tunes user account download M-Tunes app from the Playstore or visit the online signup page.

Yes M-Tunes offers free streaming for most of its content, but you will have to subscribe to gain access to M-Tunes Exclusive Content.

Login to M-Tunes user account by downloading the app or visit the online login page.

To subscribe for M-Tunes Exclusive Account you need to activate your account. Visit the subscribe page in your account tab. 

To find artists on M-Tunes simply search for the artist name, song title or album/ep title from the search page.

To create your own M-Tunes Playlist go to My Account - My Playlist - Create Playlist. You can also add songs to your playlist by right clicking and select add to Playlist.

If you can't login to your M-Tunes user account, you will need to reset your password. Visit the reset my password page to create a new password.

To Unsubscribe from M-Tunes Emails simply change your settings from My Account Page or press the unsubscribe link at the end of our emails.

Help center

Frequently Asked Questions from Creators

To sign up for M-Tunes Artist Account you will need to visit our artist page.

You can't upload music directly to M-Tunes at the moment. You need to submit your work and it will be uploaded by M-Tunes.

You need to be a verified Artist to sell your content on M-Tunes.

You need to be a verified artists in order to manage your M-Tunes Artist Account.

Only verified artists have access to M-Tunes Exclusive Opportunities. To learn more please send us an email.

M-Tunes is available worldwide and can be accessed from any device. Login to M-Tunes Web Player or download the Android App to start streaming.

To find M-Tunes Privacy Policy page go to this link.

M-Tunes Documentation

I Want to Know More About M-Tunes Services!

If you still want to learn more about M-Tunes, its services & products, visit our documentation page to download our company profile, artist documents, and more.